Private Property Towing Services

Private Property Towing West TN

STR Towing & Recovery is your source for professional private property towing services and parking lot enforcement throughout Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, and North Mississippi. Whether you own a small business or a rental property, patrons and tenants rely on having a space to park in when they arrive. If this is not the case, property owners risk losing a significant number of business opportunities. If you need an illegally-parked truck removed from your commercial or residential property, consider contracting with us for private property towing. We will move it as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Use our Private Property Services to:

  • Control parking problems
  • Remove abandoned and improperly stored vehicles
  • Comply with code enforcement
  • Enforce handicap parking
  • Keep fire lanes clear
  • Remove vehicles not in compliance with management lease requirements


All-Inclusive Service For Property Owners

Private Property Towing Dickson TN

When you choose to partner with STR Towing & Recovery, you can expect an all-inclusive service. Whether it’s the initial tow or future conflict resolution, property owners can count on our team to take care of it all. We provide complete private property towing services and relocation services to office buildings, shopping centers, residential complexes, schools, municipalities, and more. To learn more about this service, call 615-764-9327.